Mr. Criminal


“Big Pun Meets 2 Pac” Is the style you can describe musically that Mr. Criminal born Robert Garcia has pioneered. Coming into the rap game at only the age of 18 he was signed to Universal Records for his first album release 2001’s well received “Criminal Mentality”. Not bad for a kid that beat all odds at just the age of 18 he had already been locked into Juvenile Halls, Placements, Etc a total of 9 times and fathered a child at only the age of 15.

“The things I’ve seen are all realities i put in my music. Most people only glorify the bad side but they don’t show the struggle and the other side of it” Mr. Criminal has seen the other side of it. From facing 11 years 9 months in a California Correctional Facility to being signed and doing shows all over the United States from small clubs eventually to arenas that held 10 thousand plus fans. To gaining a worldwide fanbase doing tours from Japan, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, Ibiza and more. He has had several songs over the years with very high caliber artists with singles Featuring Bone Thugs N Harmony, Twista, Fat Joe, and more. But Criminal says no song ever was more special than recording the smash single “Mami Mira” with the now passed legendary Nate Dogg.

“I was nervous as hell” Says Criminal looking back…. “I wrote and sang that hook to him and thought man this is NATE DOGG he’s gonna laugh throw this away and start something new.” To Criminals surprise Nate Dogg said “This is Tight! You Wrote This?” He sung it exactly how he wrote it and became the only song Nate Dogg ever sang in Spanish and charted Top 2 in LA Radio that summer. The game changed from with formats and radio play to Criminal taking it back to the streets where the fanbase all started.

“I had to get back on the grind. Radio was cool and a blessing before they changed the format to weird music so i took it back to the streets where i know”

Next song he released was Titled “Criminal Mentality” Where he spoke his mind on the decline of the music game and how he seen it. 10 million Views later It was proven Criminal didn’t need the radio to succeed. With now over an astonishing 100 million views combined! Mr. Criminal has since released several billboard charting albums since the decline of the music game and continues to increase value every album dropped as one of the west coast most consistent artist to deliver music. He has since ventured into Filming music videos making Shooting Directing and Editing many high Profile Artist Videos Such as Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Migos, and many more. after creating many relationships with artists from producing lots of there music at his home studio years earlier.

“It was like a dream. I built a studio next thing you know every artist i ever grew up listening to was working in my house in my booth chilled on my couch on my mic!”

With the launch of his new music label “Crime Family Entertainment” He is now setting into a new chapter in his career as he excels into mentoring up and coming artists and helping steer them from the troubles he once faced as a youth.

Sky Is the limit for Criminal as he is on a major uprise in his career. Thank you all for your support and “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY”